Who are we?

Wim Vanallemeersch

Melosthesia - Wim Vanallemeersch

IT-project leader by profession, Wim has a passion for music. He plays several instruments (piano, pipe organ, harpsichord, jazz guitar, bass guitar…), individually or in group. After a short study with award-winning composer Bart Verstraeten, he started composing/arranging in different genres (from baroque to jazz big band).

A half-year long trip all over India in the ’90-ties immersed Wim in the omnipresent and highly varied Bollywood music, little known in Europe. Combined with a recent crash course of bansuri in India and meeting singer Rakhi Hegade, this travel adventure inspired Wim to re-arrange Indian songs.

Wim is Belgian and resides in Niel, Belgium. He has a mechanical/electrical engineering degree, and in recent years specializes in IT-related projects.

Rakhi Hegade

Melosthesia - Rakhi Hegade 2

Rakhi Hegade is a classically schooled singer. In her teens she performed in many stage programs of Hindi and Marathi film songs and in AIR (All India Radio) programmes. In that period she won many singing competitions and recorded a number of songs privately.

After a silent period of a few years, she started singing, recording and performing again.

Rakhi has an eclectic taste and loves all forms of Indian music such as (semi-)classical music, light music, film and folk songs, gazals etc. She prefers to sing light and semi-classical music. These music styles offer her the challenge to express feelings and convey them to the audience in the brief period of a few minutes.

Rakhi is Indian and works/resides in Pune, India.